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Alex and Peter in Regensberg Germany 1949 whose parents are of Ukrainian ancestry
Oleksa & Petro


Ukrainian Genealogy Research

The Romanyk Family Genealogy site is the central site for families with the Romanyk surname to allow the public exchange of Romanyk Family information

  • Current activity has been collecting the  names and addresses of thousands of  Romanyk's world wide and of creating the Romanyk family tree on this web site that is freely accessed by anyone in the world.  
  • If you would like to be included in the Romanyk family tree, contact us with your family information, such as parents, brothers, sisters, any dates, etc. 
  • If you wish to have a reference to your website place here, provide your URL and description to contact us

Romanyk surname background information:

  • Background: The Romanyk name is Ukrainian in origin and means "Roman like". Most Romanyk's live in Europe, about 500 live in Canada and about 100 live in the United States. Ukraine  is the second largest country in south-eastern Europe. Ukraine's history started about one thousand years, predating Russia's emergence.Ukraine is bordered by Belarus on the north, by Russia on the north, north-east, and east, by the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea on the south, by Moldova and Romania on the south-west, and by Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland on the west. The capital is Kyiv. 
  • Ethnic Ukrainians comprise about 70% of the total population. of about fifty million people. The Ukrainian language is related to Russian and Belarussian and belongs to the Slavic group of languages. Russians are the largest minority group of about 20%. Other ethnic minorities of varying sizes are Belarussian, Moldavians, Poles, Bulgarians, Jews, Greeks, Tartars, and others. 
  • Family name variations include Romanec, Romanek, Romaneck, Romanick, Romanic, Romaneck, Romanich, Romaniec, Romaniuc, Romaniuk, Romanuck, Romanych, Romanyuk and Romanetz.
    [ Ukrainian version ] Романец, Романек, Романецк, Романіцк, Романіц, Романецк, Романіч, Романіец, Романіуц, Романіук, Романуцк, Романич, Романюк анд Романетз.
  • Hryciw family name variations include: Hryciw, Hrycw, Hriziew
    [ Ukrainian version ] Гриців, Грицв, Грізіев

Related information and links:

The following list of websites contain many references to genealogy and people search websites:

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  • Ukrainian - Russian - Cyrillic Keyboard to translate your English data 

  • Ukrainian surnames list in both English / Latin and Cyrillic alphabet

Ukrainian genealogy research webring:

This site is a community of web pages that have to do with Ukrainian genealogy research. The pages are personal home pages of people who want to share information that they have accumulated of their family history and Ukrainian heritage and/or sources of information that would be of help to others doing research into their Ukrainian family history. 

Ukrainian Roots Webring site
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Romanyk Family Website

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